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Laser hair removal consists of a laser treatment with which we can remove hair from the face and body.

There are different ways to apply this treatment, but it basically consists of heating the hair matrix, which is responsible for producing our hair. With this heating we prevent the follicle from producing hair again. Laser hair removal is very safe, it is only necessary to follow certain advice, it requires high-quality equipment, which must also be controlled by technicians or therapist. Laser hair removal treatments have developed such effectiveness that today it is one of the most requested by patients. At the dermasort clinic we offer treatment through personalized medical assistance, since both the skin and the hair of each patient require particular solutions, adapted to the characteristics of their skin and the hair that they wish to remove. such as the body region where you want to remove hair, age or gender.

After a preliminary analysis, our specialists in laser hair removal determine the best treatments for each patient and what type of laser will offer the maximum effectiveness. Thanks to our experience, at dermasort we offer the most advanced laser hair removal techniques on the market. The lasers that we apply in our treatments are short pulse Alexandrite, Triple wavelength laser, Diode laser, Superdiode, Wavelength Pro-X. and Intense Pulsed Light, all of them for medical use.

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