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Traditional methods of hair removal vs laser hair removal

Hair removal is definitely one of the most popular beauty treatments used by both women and men.

Although the concept of epilation has been known to us for thousands of years, it has now been improved over time with various methods.

Surely each of us has used a disposable razor at least once in our life and knows exactly the unpleasant feeling after shaving hair. After shaving, there are often various types of irritation, redness, burning, ingrown hairs or even inflammation of the hair follicles.

We have several methods of depilation, ranging from those that give a short-term effect, from a few days to about a month, e.g. razors , shaving creams , epilators , waxes . And those that give long-term effects for several years, e.g. diode lasers.

Below I will try to explain the individual methods of hair removal.

Hair removal with a razor

Hair removal with a razor is one of the most popular and quickest methods of getting rid of hair. When reaching for it, remember to thoroughly clean the skin before shaving and apply a preparation that will allow you to slip while shaving.

It can be a specialist shaving cream, shower lotion or ordinary soap. In this way, we will prevent greater skin irritation and the treatment will be more comfortable.

It should be remembered that shaving hair with a razor is, unfortunately, a very short treatment and should be repeated after a few days, as the hair begins to grow back quickly. Another important aspect is sterility.

Do you have irritations after shaving, unpleasant itching or pimples? It is the fault of bacteria multiplying on the blade, which we can later transfer to our skin.

When deciding on this method, we must focus on either disposable razors or frequent blade replacement.

Depilating cream

A delicate, but time-consuming method is to use a specialized depilatory cream. It contains various substances that dissolve keratin in the hair so much that they can be easily removed with a spatula or sponge.

Due to the fact that the cosmetic comes into contact with the skin, it should be remembered that it can cause an allergic reaction, so before the first use, a contact test must be performed on a small area of ​​the skin.


Time for… waxing .

This is perhaps the most popular method all over the world. In almost every city in Poland, we can find beauty salons that only deal with this method of hair removal. It is very similar to that of an epilator .

It consists in applying wax to the treatment site, and then a special strip is glued, which breaks off along with the hair.

Such depilation will also allow us to get rid of hairs for about 4 weeks. After this time, the treatment, as well as epilating with a depilator, should be repeated. The disadvantage, as in the case of the epilator, is the painfulness of the procedure and ingrown hair.

Laser hair removal

It's time for my favorite - laser epilation.

This is the most effective method of epilation in the world , giving long-lasting results, up to several years . Doesn't that sound beautiful?

An innovative laser available on the market is the diode laser It works by affecting the melanin in the hair, thanks to which you can remove the entire hair bulb along with the adjacent blood vessels , thanks to which we are able to permanently remove the hair and enjoy many years of smooth body.

The best hair for laser epilation is hair with a lot of melanin - i.e. dark hair , while those that do not have a dye, i.e. melanin, are not able to be removed (gray hair). Epilation should be repeated at various intervals depending on the part of the body to be treated.

It is related to the different cycle of hair growth, because the laser works on hair that is only in the growth phase. The suggested series is 4-8 epilation treatments . It is a safe method that gives excellent results after only a few series of treatments .

The choice of epilation methods is huge. Which is the best?

It all depends on our needs. If you want to shave your hair from time to time or pull it out, you can put a razor or wax. If you want to have peace with your hair for several years and not worry if you have unwanted hair when going to the beach or swimming pool, permanent laser hair removal will be the best solution .

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