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Understanding Hair Removal

The usual remedies for unwanted hair like plucking, shaving, waxing or chemical depilatories are painful, messy and are only temporary.

Laser hair reduction is a more effective and practical solution.

Laser hair removal

While performing the procedure the laser light is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the anagen type of hair follicles of the body hair, generating heat which damages the follicle to inhibit future hair growth. Laser hair removal treatment is also known as laser hair reduction.

During the procedure, the laser pulses (produces energy) for a fraction of a second, long enough to heat up the hair bulge and significantly impair the follicle’s ability to re-grow. This process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously and is therefore, appropriate for treating even the largest areas of the body both quickly and effectively. The duration of a laser treatment may vary from a few minutes to an hour or more, depending on the size of the area being treated. The hairs in an active growth phase (anagen) are targeted by the laser. As all hairs are not in this phase at the same time, more than one treatment is necessary.

How laser hair removal works ?

When treating hair, the energy emitted by the high-power diode laser must penetrate several millimeters into the skin to reach the root of the hair. When it meets the melanin in the hair (brown color), the light is absorbed, and is converted into heat. The darker, thicker and denser the hair, the more heat is produced. This heat damages the cells responsible for hair regrowth within the hair and in the immediate area around the hair. This ensures a drastic reduction in hair in the treated area.

What is the course of treatment ?

First, the hair will be shaved to avoid the absorption of the light by the hair laying on the skin. After that, all dark spots on the skin (e.g. moles) are covered with a white pencil and a thin layer of transparent gel is applied to the skin. The hand piece of the laser is moved over the parts of the skin to be treated. The laser sends a light impulse, which creates a gentle prickling sensation. The treatment is very comfortable.

How much time between treatments is there ?

The treatment is normally performed at an interval of four to eight weeks, when definite hair growth is noticeable.

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