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Skin care after summer

The beginning of autumn is the moment when the most aware patients appear in my office. They know that holidays in the sun or salt water, thanks to which they relaxed so well, do not serve the skin.

That is why they start caring for the skin after holidays with a visit to my clinic. And rightly so.

After the holidays, even the skin that we have protected against the sun, lubricated with products with high sunscreen, has the right to be rough and dull. Wind, frequent baths in sea or chlorinated water, sun, being in air-conditioned rooms or a very dry climate, make our skin lose water up to four times faster than under normal conditions.

How to moisturize your skin after vacation?

When I am visited by patients who cannot restore the proper level of skin hydration with home methods, I recommend treatments with hyaluronic acid. The most popular among patients are needle mesotherapy and hydro balance treatment , which quickly restores the skin's firmness and radiance, stimulates cells to regenerate and makes the skin optimally moisturized.

The procedures performed in the doctor's office are complemented by the change of preparations for home use.

In the fall, I recommend my patients highly moisturizing preparations containing hyaluronic acid and other humectants, as well as vitamin C, which promotes skin regeneration, allows you to restore its glow and supports the treatment of discoloration removal.

How to remove discoloration?

Exactly, discoloration . Those who neglected skin care during the summer holidays will spend a lot of time removing them in the fall .

These changes, usually occurring in various shades of brown, appear mainly on the skin of the face - around the forehead, cheeks, chin or mouth. The vast majority of them are the result of our skin's reaction to exposure to sunlight (UV).

As a result of exposure to the sun, UV rays penetrate the epidermis, stimulating the skin's pigmentation cells (melanocytes) to intensify their activity.

The primary effect is a tan. However, excessive - frequent and prolonged exposure to the sun can cause some of these melanocytes to go mad - to become permanently disturbed and to release too much melanin through melanogenesis.

As a result of this disorder, melanin accumulates locally (hyperpigmentation), which results in the formation of spots. They are generally small, round or slightly diffuse and painless.

Medical peels are the most effective in the treatment of severe discoloration .

The most popular (and considered to be the most effective) are (depigmentation therapy) , and the effects of such treatment are spectacular!

They lighten discoloration by at least 95%. And that's in 99% of patients. However, they do come with one serious side effect. After using them for at least a week, the skin on the face is irritated and flakes off . And this means sometimes the need to resign from work during the regeneration period, as well as the need for subsequent daily and months-long proper skin care.

Oily skin - how to take care of it after holidays

Another problem that I notice among my patients in the fall is the periodic, increased oily skin. And it has nothing to do with adolescent acne, but much to do with overexposure to the sun.

When we sunbathe all day, the skin begins to lose moisture. When this hydration is critically low, the sebaceous glands receive a signal from the body that it is time to increase sebum production to protect the epidermis from drying and damage.

As a result, after the holidays, the skin is dry and oily at the same time . Then the treatment with the use of laser light is worth considering .

When patients have oily skin, very visible pores, and their skin needs lightening and regeneration, I recommend an interesting treatment, i.e. laser reduction of wrinkles and Clear Lift® Alma Harmony Pro® melasma . It stimulates the production of collagen, has an exfoliating effect, inhibits the overproduction of sebum and removes discoloration.

Most patients see a great improvement after the first, non-invasive treatment.

Acids are good for everything

However, the most popular autumn treatments at my clinic are chemical peels, commonly known as acids . It is an indispensable element of skin care in an aesthetic medicine clinic.

They play an extremely important role in regeneration processes, remodeling the epidermis by stimulating the basal layer to produce new cells.

In the past, acids meant very intense exfoliation and therefore the need to stay at home for a few days.

Today I can perform chemical peelings for even the most busy patients . Innovative preparations based on various ingredients can be individually tailored to the needs of each patient, which gives the therapy direction and affects its final effect.

Specialists in the Spanish laboratory have created several PH Formula Skin resurfacing treatment lines, i.e.

  • AGE,

  • ACNE,

  • VITAC,

  • and CR1 Complex,

which suit the most diverse needs of the skin , especially after the holidays.

Resurfacing with PH Formula preparations is based on the intensive stimulation of the deeper layers of the skin for renewal, which results in the reconstruction of its structure and the so-called remodeling.

This is possible thanks to the use of unique acid-based ingredients, designed to minimize the negative effects of traditional peels.

More importantly, PH Formula preparations contain the PH-DVC complex , which reduces the risk of irritation and inflammation after the treatment.

In addition, this complex has hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties that enable better penetration of active substances contained in peelings into the skin.

In addition to the mixture of acids, PH Formula preparations contain appropriately selected active substances that have been successfully used in aesthetic medicine and cosmetology for many years.

It should be remembered that acids, although extremely effective, require compliance with several rules . First of all, we make them in the period from October to March , when the sun is the mildest. Acids can increase the photo-sensitivity of the skin, which is why it is so important to use appropriate sun protection after the treatment - a cream with SPF 50+ filter is the basis to avoid discoloration and sunburn.

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