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Scar reduction

The aim of treatment is to reduce the scar by shallowing it and increasing flexibility. This effect is achieved thanks to the use of a fractional laser and fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

When should you think about scar reduction?

Scars can be very tedious, especially when they are located so that their concealment is cumbersome or when their presence is firmly rooted in the patient’s consciousness. Sometimes, apart from the aesthetic problem, scars cause physical discomfort – for example, when they are located near joints. Unsightly-looking scars caused by injuries, burns or even acne do not have to be disfigured. For patients with such defects, the scar reduction treatment is a great way to get rid of the problem.

What may be the cause of scarring?

Although the mechanism of scar formation is always the same – they arise as a result of damage to the skin, the reasons for their formation can be many. This type of skin lesion can occur as an effect:

  • acne,

  • surgery,

  • trauma,

  • burns.

A scar is really nothing but fibrous connective tissue that arises in the area of destruction of the dermis. Sometimes it transforms into keloid, an hypertrophic scar, which is characterize greater increase in connective tissue compared to tissue damaged by injury.

The goals of scar reduction

Non-surgical therapies reducing scarring changes are mainly aimed at: revitalization of he elasticity of the skin area, which was changed as a result of injury, etc.,

  • brightening of the changed places,

  • reduction of scars using fillers and laser.

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