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Over time, the skin may suffer a decrease in the amount of collagen and elastin present in the body. These proteins, responsible for keeping the skin smooth, are essential to provide elasticity and health to the skin, thus avoiding the appearance of signs of aging such as flaccidity. In case of presenting a decrease in collagen and elastin, flaccidity in the face may appear and with it the need to combat it. This is how the popularity of anti-sagging treatments, such as facial tightening without surgery, continues to increase among people who have appreciated how the firmness of their skin has decreased considerably. The growing demand for non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques and treatments is due, in part, to the effective results that they are able to offer almost immediately. Thus, in a minimally invasive way and without the need to undergo a surgical process, it is possible to improve the appearance and appearance of some signs of facial aging such as expression lines, wrinkles and flaccidity in certain areas of the face. In order to achieve a personalized approach that meets the expectations of each person, at Dermasort we focus on the needs and personal characteristics of each patient. Thus, although it is a treatment with greater frequency among women between 40 and 60 years old, at Dermasort we treat facial flaccidity in different ways depending on the characteristics of each person, adapting at all times to their needs, objectives and expectations. We also treat younger patients who want to prevent facial flaccidity or treat it when it begins to show in an incipient form.

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