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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

In facial treatments we analyze the patient's needs well. We select facial treatments according to the actual degree of skin age of the patient. For beautifying facial treatments, it is essential to analyze the patient's features to select the best facial treatment with the best result. With our facial aesthetic treatments we manage to rejuvenate and beautify at the same time, we select the best facial treatment and the most effective facial treatment for the patient. WHAT IS THE BEST FACIAL TREATMENT? The best facial treatment is the one that most rejuvenates and beautifies the patient. The most important are: Botulinum toxin: For expression wrinkles IPL: To maintain luminosity in the skin, the pore closed and eliminate spots and capillaries. Fillers: To correct the nasolabial fold, malar sulcus and marionette line. Facial mesotherapy: With antioxidant substances, vitamins and hyaluronic acid that will maintain hydration and skin vitality. Cheekbones replacement: Using specific higher density fillers. Radiofrequency: For toning the facial oval. Tensioning threads: To restore tone and position to the facial oval. Platelet Rich Plasma: To stimulate the skin with our own growth factors Laser 1540: For renovation from the inside out. Fractional CO2 Laser: To generate a totally new skin. Lift Express: To reposition fallen facial structures, surgical technique.

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