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Meso SKIN+

Deep penetration painless and non-invasive

The hollow microchip penetrates corneum, combined with Electroporation technology to lead the nutrients into the mesoderm layer, improving about 84% of absorption rate compared with traditional technology.
The skin channel closed automatically within 20 minutes, painless, non-invasive, no downtime.

Hair Regrowth

Solid hair follicles

The 1st professional instrument of scalp care in the world, the patented microchip could ensure the Microchip transdermal and electroporation technologies work on the scalp together, matching different nutrients to achieve the effects of Hair growth / Solid hair follicles /Raised hair etc

Abstract Lines

Absorption rate doubled = Effect

Whether wrinkle removal or freckle removal,
skin whitening or skin moisturizing,
hair care or hair growth,
MesoSkin could ensure the nutrients have higher
absorption, no any waste drugs..

Microchip Transdermal technology & Electroporation Technology

EPM technology is a technology combines electroporation and microchip transdermal technology.
EPM technology can penetrate the protective barrier of the cuticle to establish micro-channels,
through the channels to introduce nutritions to subcutaneous tissue, penetrated to the mesoderm of
skin, to achieve the treatments like promoting circulation of capillaries, accelerating cells metabolism,
resisting cells aging.

Video Game

Smart Design, Big Different

Adoption of medical grade PC from Germany Bayer and Medical
316L stainless. Finally, only adopts 7 components to combine the
Electroporation and microchip transdermal technologies perfectly,
which greatly improves the absorption rate.

4times scheme trying

27times sample verification

300days researching and development

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Beauty To-Go

At DermaSort , we go above and beyond for our customers — offering quality service along with top of the line technologies for you to enjoy. Since YEAR FOUNDED, we’ve provided CITY with beauty treatments at unbeatable prices. Call us to schedule a visit, and take all your treatments  today!

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