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Dull Skin

It is frequently heard that one is not happy with the dull skin. It is usually developed because of dryness, acne, dark circles, pigmentation, and sagging. Common causes of dull skin are – dead cells,


stress, dehydration, and hormonal imbalance like thyroid, hyperandrogenism, and environmental challenges. Heavy Smokers lacking vitamins, minerals, and water intake are more prone to premature aging.

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Aesthetic facial treatments are quite different from normal facials that are taken place in the spa and salons as unlike the latter it is performed only after the skin expert studies the specific skin type of the person, analyzes the damage and then suggest the best course of action for the particular type of skin.


DermaSort offers the best treatment for different dermatic conditions which works on the principle of exfoliation so that the commendable results could be achieved. The several chemical peels solutions which targets’ subsequent layers of the skin which are categorized as superficial, medium and deep skin layers. The degree of exfoliation is determined by the depth of the peeling. Various combinations peel like Glycolic acid, lactic acid, salicylic acid, etc. could be combined depending upon the severity of the condition.

Quality Services

We have built ourselves on trust and reliability and our base of satisfied customers is our pride.

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Whether you are in pain or just need skin opinion, we make sure to attend you with minimum waiting time.

EMI Facility

You can choose to Pay for Laser Treatment in EMIs.

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We accept Payment Through Paytm, PhonePay, Credit/Debit Cards.

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Beauty To-Go

At DermaSort , we go above and beyond for our customers — offering quality service along with top of the line technologies for you to enjoy. Since YEAR FOUNDED, we’ve provided CITY with beauty treatments at unbeatable prices. Call us to schedule a visit, and take all your treatments  today!

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